* = PRODUCED/EDITED/DIRECTED/written by jenny lorenzo


Struggles All Geek Girls Understand*

Are you Lady Gaga? 

Things You Did In The '90s That Would Be Weird Today*

"Wanna see how big my snake is?" 

9 Things That Make You Feel Old AF*

Floppy disks are the cutest coasters ever, right? 

The Struggles Of Having No Sense Of Direction*

"I'm between a Del Taco and a Chevron..." 

If Flight Attendants Were Honest*

This isn't an all you can eat buffet, honey. 


Surgeons Play Operation*

One thing you don't wanna do in surgery is just wing it. 

One Woman, Three Tim Burton Looks*

These looks, themselves, are strange and unusual. 

What your favorite '90s cartoon casts would look like IRL and all grown up! 

Detectives Play Clue*

"Clue should have D.N.A. these days. And fingerprints!" 

Stars Wars Fans Try The CoverGirl Star Wars Line*

I look like I was stranded on Hoth. 

U.S. Navy Vets Play Battleship* 

"Harpooned your ass!"